Mixtape: Tyler Nuffer’s “Anomalous Worlds”


Before the genesis of this project, I had found solace in ambient music and consequently wanted to create my own anomalous worlds. I set to work building three dimensional worlds within the limitations of a two dimensional stereo field.

When recording each performance, I imagined passively traversing a boundless, alien world accompanied exclusively by its landscape. Having only eight tracks available on tape I forced myself to create an atmosphere with no more than three fluctuating stereo sounds and three instruments: a pedal steel, lap steel, and guitar.

A center-focused drone mimics a single point perspective where the listener is approaching the piece’s vanishing point. The performed instruments echo across the stereo field to create a horizon-line, constantly shifting. All sounds reflect and meld into one another creating unpredictable harmony and mimicking terrain in flux. Using the tape machine’s “pitch control,” I slowed down each performance to reflect the pace at which I explored these worlds.

My hope is that the listener can find peaceful isolation in these imagined worlds.




Composed and Produced by Tyler Nuffer
Artwork by Alan Anders
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk


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